Using Video Analysis for Peer Feedback and Reflection in Pre-service Teacher Education


Teacher candidates are required to complete the Video Analysis assessment to demonstrate their understanding of the standards, functions, objectives, and assessment of language and literacy within the content area. This assessment requires the candidates to video themselves teaching a segment of a lesson. It has three components to it, aligning to formative feedback for a summative course task: 1) Complete a Lesson Plan 2) Upload Video Segments from the implemented lesson (align to lesson plan submitted) a. one ten-minute video segment in which candidates are instructing a literacy or language objective in the discipline b. one five-minute video segment in which students in the classroom are using literacy and language to support content learning 3) Reflection of the Teaching Experience Video segments are shared in seminar class, and the course instructor and peers offer feedback using various lenses (students, teacher, learning environment). The candidates have numerous formal observations by their cooperating teachers and college supervisors, but this assessment allows them to see themselves, to react to their teaching behaviors, and to analyze the impact these behaviors have on student responses. This assessment supports a key outcome of the program: to design, deliver, and assess literacy/language strategies to deepen literacy and content learning within the discipline. A portion of the assignment also analyzes the established learning environment, and therefore also addresses the following outcome of the program: to create an inclusive and culturally responsive learning environment.


Megan Mackey
Associate Professor, Special Education and Interventions, Central Connecticut State University, United States


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Learning in Higher Education


Video Analysis, Teacher Reflection, Peer Feedback

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Using Video Analysis for Peer Feedback and Reflection in Pre-service Teacher Education (pdf)