Team-based Learning as a Flipped Instructional Design in an ODeL Course


Team-based learning (TBL) is a collaborative learning and teaching strategy that enables students to follow a structured process to enhance student engagement. Team-based learning is providing an active structured form of small-group learning, that could be applied in open distance e-learning (ODeL) space. Team-based learning as a flipped instructional design was used as a case in an ODeL course at a college for teacher education. The case study was informed by student teachers’ experiences as participants in a team-based learning strategy. Virtual video-conferencing interviews were conducted with 8 team-based focus groups (n=40) as a purposive sampling of participants. Virtually recorded transcripts were conducted and thematic analysis was employed to generate themes of lived experiences of participants. Findings revealed that participants develop professional attributes, are motivated to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses as members of the teams, and experience the value of working and collaborating in teams. Further research in the use of evidence-based practice will result in better outcomes for teams-based learning in flipped learning.


Micheal M Van Wyk
Professor and Chair of Department, Curriculum and Instructional Studies, University of South Africa


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Pedagogy and Curriculum


Team-based learning, Virtual video-conferencing, Thematic analysis, Flipped instructional design

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