Sesión plenaria (en inglés) - Loredana Di Lucchio

"Reflecting on new possible taxonomies for design" (Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa y Online)

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Dr. Loredana Di Lucchio is an Architect and Strategic Designer. She earned her PhD while studying the relationship between design and production as phenomena involved within semantic, technological, and consumption aspects.

She currently directs research activities for the Arts, Design and New Technologies section of the I.T.A.C.A. Department at Sapienza Università di Roma. She has lectured on strategic and advanced design topics at several national and international conferences. In her work she examines the relationships between design, technologies, production, and consumption. Currently, her research focuses on the collaborative possibilities between the Italian and Chinese Design and Productive System for developing a new network to overcome the idea of delocalization and, at the same time, the idea of globalization towards a glocal dynamic of consumption.

She is the author of Il Design delle Strategie. Un modello interpretativo della relazione tra design e impresa [Design of Strategies. An interpretative model of the relationship between design and business], Gangemi Editore, 2005. She is co-editor of the “Factory” section of DIID – Disegno Industriale Industrial Design, which focuses on on innovative company "case histories."

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