Lisbon is Us: Co-creating Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Communities


This interdisciplinary project aims to foster dialogue on designing new ways of living, interacting and communicating in urban spaces, focusing on social inclusion, sustainability, and aesthetics. The project challenges younger generations to (re)interpret the cities where they live and contribute to building more liveable spaces. Our initiative, based in Lisbon, aims to co-create a more sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful reality for the community. Drawing on the intersections between design, culture, social inclusion, science and technology, our project invites participants to engage in creative and collaborative efforts to reimagine and rebuild urban spaces. Our paper showcases some of this project’s key insights, methods, and outcomes, and explore its relevance for other cities and communities.


Cátia Rijo
Assistant Professor, Art and Desing, Escola Superior de Educação do Politécnico de Lisboa, Portugal

Helena Grácio
Professor, Arts & Design, Education Superior School, Lisboa, Portugal

Marco Silva
Escola Superior de Educação do Politécnico de Lisboa

Mariana Jacinto
Escola Superior de Educação do Politécnico de Lisboa

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