The Study of Visual Imagery Design of Taiwan's Cultural and Creative Products


In the past two decades, the government has been promoting cultural and creative industries, and Taiwan’s cultural and creative products are based on traditional culture, with new elements, new forms, and various appearances, developing a blend of traditional and contemporary craft styles, and becoming practical household items. The purpose of this study is to analyze the visual imagery and cultural expression of Taiwan’s cultural and creative products. Regarding the research method, first, focus on Taiwan’s material culture through documentary analysis, second, use the case study method to study well-known and specific brand products in Taiwan. From the product visual design analysis, discuss the style and performance, product characteristics and cultural significance. The main significance of this study is to analyze how material culture it transforms into design, some by using graphics and some by using artifacts, and how the cultural characteristics of the products are expressed through design. The three brands under study have the core cultural characteristics of Chinese culture, Taiwanese culture, and indigenous culture, respectively. From the cultural characteristics of the brands, we can see the representation of Taiwan’s history and culture, which tells the historical memory, ethnic culture and colonial culture. Through the visual imagery design, the local cultural characteristics of Taiwan are further shaped.


Fei Yeh Lee
Student, Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Visual Design


Cultural and Creative Products, Taiwan Culture, Material Culture, Visual Design

Digital Media


The Study of Visual Imagery Design of Taiwan's Cultural and Creative Products (pdf)