A Study of Correlation between Smartphone Motivation App to Increase Motivation in College Students


Our study aims to design and test a college student-focused self motivation smartphone application and find the correlation between college students’ motivation for schoolwork. We found that students’ lack of motivation contains several factors that affect their self-efficacy; self-esteem, digital distractions, mental health, and lack of time management all have a hand in reducing students’ motivation for schoolwork. This study further evaluates the design of the app using user testing to examine the overall effectiveness of the overall user experience. This procedure included developing three (3) user tasks that allow users to navigate through the app highlighting our proposed features, marking successful completion within a three (3) minute time frame. We conducted a pilot study as a small-scale preliminary usability test in order to evaluate the feasibility of the key steps for the main study. This study found that participants conducted the tasks instinctively and guided themselves using visual hierarchy. The findings from this study allowed us to better understand what users struggled with in the user interface and user experience. In the future, we are hoping to conduct more tests to gather data in order to find a definitive correlation between motivation apps to increase motivation in college students; in hopes to contribute to the literature of user research.


Nathan Guerrero Nathan
Student, Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, University of Nevada, Nevada, United States

Paige Barker
Student, Graphic Design and Media, University of Nevada Las Vegas, United States

Sang-Duck Seo
Professor, Graphic Design & Media/Art, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, United States

Kyla Sannadan
Student, Graphic Design and Computer Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, United States


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


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User Experience, User Interface, Usability Testing, Student Motivation

Digital Media


A Study Of Correlation Between Smartphone Motivation App To Increase Motivation In College Students (Embed)