Knowledge in Lighting Education: Within and Across the Built Environment


Fundamental knowledge relates the co-specialization of interior design and architectural design as growing integrations between specialties. Our primary goal is to achieve the learning outcomes that follow the wealth of knowledge in each topic. However, interdisciplinarity is the foundation for success in any collaborative effort; others cannot substitute professionals since each subject requires an expert. Lighting design, a required course in both programs, is one example. A long time ago, the knowledge was equally sufficient to teach it for both degrees. However, given the current state of concerns, the volume of comprehensive informatics knowledge, and the requirement for several subtitles in each program, the issue of splitting their syllabi became imperative. Compared to architectural design programs, lighting design programs for interior design must concentrate on distinct features and themes. The paper discusses several areas of content of both syllabi. Considering the interior design, students need natural lighting data to solve pre-select openings. Additionally, the different types of lighting fixtures, the color and amount of light required for each function with furniture placement and their effects on color schemes’ appearance, and undoubtedly the different types of lighting control to suit each user to match interior elements as function and design concepts. On the other side of the built environment, students studying architectural design should focus on several variables associated with the site, building technologies, urban orientation, and shading design. Moreover, they need critical information about the lighting design for building facades and historical sites, outdoor facilities, and complex building amenities.


Naglaa Sami Abdelaziz
Assistant Professor - Interior Design Department, College of Architecture, Art, and Design, Ajman University, 'Ajmān, United Arab Emirates

Gamal Elsamanoudy
Associate Professor, Interior Design, Ajman University, 'Ajmān, United Arab Emirates


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Poster Session


Design Education


Interior Lighting Design, Architectural Lighting Design, Specialization in Education

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