Reconstructing the Design Critique: Shifting from Traditional Assessment Methods to Collaborative, Generative, and Inclusive Critique Strategies


Examining the impacts of traditional modes of critique within creative spaces challenges us to reconsider our roles as active citizens and develop new approaches that focus on the multitude of aspects that fuel feedback and idea exchanges. With agency and citizenship in mind, our workshop aims to collect multidimensional critique experiences by interrogating traditional critique methods rooted in canonical design knowledge and providing space for new methods to emerge, stemming from decolonial, inclusive, and context-based design discourse. Framing our workshop as a forum for social engagement, we aim to facilitate conversations and activities where participants can discuss and design new methods for critique that include the connection between current social issues and their personal and collective work. As a shared space for collaboration rather than assessment, we intend for this workshop to provide room for generative discussions that inspire action and the development of more inclusive critique methods. We plan to utilize Miro (a digital collaborative workspace) during the workshop to activate discussion and produce designed outcomes. By interrogating critiques, we invite participants to “shift away from the traditional convention where they are subjects” (Thompson, 2020) and empower them to become engaged citizens. We also encourage them to develop an awareness for analyzing how critique structures align with their identity, personality, communication, cognitive needs, and ways of learning. By facilitating an active conversation focused on deconstructing traditional modes of critique, we strive to engage participants in co-creating and applying new formative and multidimensional critique methods based on their lived experiences.


Dajana Nedić
Assistant Professor, Graphic Design, Virginia Tech, Virginia, United States

Piper Schuerman
Student, MFA , University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, United States


Presentation Type

Workshop Presentation


Design Education


Criticism, Collaborative, Interrogative, Non-traditional, Co-design, Pedagogy

Digital Media


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