Alam Educational Framework: An Educational Design for Next Generations


A fundamental aspect of the educational design is the distribution of learning activities as per the need for biological and cognitive development. Development theories and Islamic teaching recommend personal coaching by the parents till the age of 7 years. Some traditional research indicates marriage age for males is 15-18 years and for females 12-14 years. Quranic descriptions and psychological explanations say that, at this age, each male needs his earnings, and each female needs herself or her husband as an independent earning hand for an independent and confident life. Contemporary curriculum and design often does not starting formal education until the age of 7 and also does not make the learners be more independent till the age of puberty so it is not fulfilling some fundamental or socio-economic needs of learners. It is, therefore, required to change with the appropriate curriculum and especially design. Big data sources are used for critical analysis to develop five phases framework i.e., (Home-Schooling under Professional Supervision from (3/4-7 years), Primary Formal Schooling (7-10 years), Secondary Schooling (11-12 age), Skill Development Phase (13-15 age) and Project-Based University Education (15-20 age). Learning Outcomes and Content Areas for each phase with the title “Alam Educational Framework (AEF)” are also developed. The AEF can be implemented in any community around the globe.


Syed Aftab Alam
Assistant Professor, Islamic Studies/Religious Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan


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Design Education


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