Accelerated Learning Pedagogy for Emerging Leaders through Immersive Strategic Design Studios: Interactive Workshop to Demonstrate Design Tools for Executives and Professionals


Strategic Design, the juxtaposition of business strategy and creative problem solving, is an approach that enables leaders to disrupt the status quo in their industries and organizational cultures in order to remain competitive and continuously innovate. The skills to apply design approaches and tools needs to be effectively learned and applied quickly to combat the pressing challenge of fast-changing societal needs and technological advances. This immersive Strategic Design Studio learning approach has been applied in 12 global studios with 75 industry executives over the past six years which have resulted in innovative solutions to great societal needs and transferable collaborative design skills that leaders have brought back into their own companies. This workshop will share the pedagogical approach of the Strategic Design Studio as well as three case studies and their results. Creative Design Tools that have been developed as part of this Studio learning method will also be demonstrated so that participants can bring them back to their own practice.


Melissa Rancourt
Academic Director and Faculty, MS in Strategic Design for Global Leadership, Parsons School of Design at The New School, France


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Workshop Presentation


Design Education


Strategic Design, Accelerated Pedagogy, Immersive Learning, Design Studios, Innovation, Creativity

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Accelerated Learning Pedagogy for Emerging Leaders through Immersive Strategic Design Studios (pdf)