Fostering an Innovative Mindset Through R&D for Meaningful Transformative Pedagogies of Art and Design


Bezalel is Israel’s only institution that is dedicated solely to art, design & architecture. Its diverse learning environments serve as laboratories generating constant new and creative pedagogies. The Bezalel Teaching Center (BTC) is an independent unit within the academy (2017-) providing professional development for its staff and fostering the academy’s unique pedagogic cultures. We present an institutional approach for enhancing innovative pedagogies through R&D groups. Our point of departure starts with the notion that Art & Design unique pedagogy requires an innovative mindset in order to respond to constant external and internal changes. The R&D initiative’s mission is to cultivate this innovative mindset for new, effective and meaningful transformative pedagogies. It is an incubator for members of the Bezalel community who wish to explore pedagogical ideas and develop new tools and methods for art and design education. Instructors, students, technicians, graduates and administrators are invited to teamup and transform their experiences and ideas into accessible new teaching and learning opportunities. The BTC’s R&D initiative offers professional development and mentorship , a community of practitioners, financial support and a framework to bring an idea from concept to implementation and dissemination in the studios. This exploration begins with the initiative’s objectives, the context in which it was conceived, and its modes of operation within the institution. This is followed by zooming into two exemplary case studies, which represent different pathways of development. We conclude with the assessment of the initiative’s impact.


Merav Salomon
Director, Arts and Design Teaching Centre, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Israel


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design Education



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