Inter/Multi/Transdisciplinarity in Design Education


Through a systematic literature review, this study starts from how design education should be intended to educate inter/multi/transdisciplinary future professionals. From a pragmatic knowledge perspective, it is considered that design education must be based on three pillars: (a) basic skills; (b) knowledge through practice and active reflection; and (c) transdisciplinarity and entrepreneurial skills (Ramírez; Morais; Rosa, 2020). The theories and applicability of design are becoming increasingly relevant in how they can contribute to and collaborate with diverse fields of science. The main goal of this research is to show that design is a normative science that should be key to understanding the growth of concrete reason. Since that, its teaching must emphasize its essential competencies, coherence, and relationships with all fields of knowledge. This proposal uses an applied nature methodology with a descriptive-applicative goal, a qualitative approach, and speculative procedures that traverse the categories of action, participation, experimentation, causality, and generation to arrive at a research about design and design education itself. Results demonstrated here are achieved through four significant types of design instruction: (a) Intrinsic Project-Based Learning; (b) Co-Creative Project-Based Learning; (c) Cross-Project Learning; and (d) Inter/Multi/Trans-Cross-Project Learning. It demonstrates a pedagogical approach to providing inter/multi/trans-disciplinary experiences in design teaching/education that can incorporate all areas of knowledge within a higher education school. These projects offer an interesting approach to education based on project-based learning and a future of learning through design-based learning that targets diverse areas of knowledge.


Rodrigo Morais
Coordinator, IADE, Universidade Europeia, Aveiro, Portugal

Carlos Rosa
Dean, IADE, Portugal

Rodrigo Hernandez Ramirez
Assistant Professor, Design, IADE - Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication, Universidade Europeia, Portugal


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design Education


Design theory, Design education, Foundational course, Project-based learning, Design-based learning

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