A Scalable Strategy for Branding and the Wayfinding Experience


Urban designer Kevin Lynch explored architectural forms and their influence on visual perception at the city scale (Lynch, 1960). His strategy can be employed for large-scale campus-size and much smaller environments shaping how spaces are engaged & navigated. Based on Lynch’s principles, navigation design and the building of branded experiences begins with a critical mapping exercise where pathways, edges, nodes, landmarks, and districts are identified highlighting impactful brand locations and defining key user decision moments. Skillful application of this strategy ideally results in (2) outcomes. The brand becomes tangible, and experiential, making a unique lasting connection with the user. • The wayfinding is inclusive, brand consistent, and seamless with the architecture. The paper examines the brand and wayfinding strategy for (3) built projects of varying scale and typology. The design projects listed were selected because of the familiarity of the presenter with the projects as a core member of each of the design teams. P1 – Pinecrest, Orange, OH Eleven-building Mixed-use site with vehicular and pedestrian navigation. P2 – Lakeshore East, Chicago, IL Two-building residential site with living spaces, shared amenity deck, and multilevel parking P3 – Dayton’s, Minneapolis, MN, a repositioned historical building with retail and an elevated skyway for pedestrian navigation. The projects analyze and dissect the Lynch urban model used for wayfinding strategy and brand implementation. The project typologies recognize the scalability of the strategy and the role of the five principles applied to the user perception of their environment.


Terry Londy
Assistant Professor, Interior Design, Florida State University, Florida, United States


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design in Society


Wayfinding, Design Strategy, Branding, Scalable Design, Brand Strategy, Experience Design

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