The Future of Fashion Communication Strategies in the Age of Visual Rhetorics and Digital Transformations: Evoking Emotions - the Key Strategy for Fashion Brands through Storytelling and Personalization Techniques


From a time when products were simply displayed for the purpose of sales on racks and hoardings, a lot has changed with the advancements in technological communications. Visual communication has always proved to be the essence of fashion, but visual rhetorics and the communicative symbolisms that come with it are becoming key for brands. In a world of increasing competition, forming an emotional connection with the consumers is primarily important. This study explores the various strategies of fashion communication in the age of digital transformations, for brands to adapt, without sinking in the pressures of competitive sales. The ever changing, digitalized world has started capitalizing on emotions and creating a sense of belonging to attract consumers from all walks of life, with smart visual presentation techniques tapping on the need for consumers to feel loved, seen, heard, and understood. The objectives of this paper are to review the trending fashion communication strategies and propose new techniques of consumer engagement through visual communication in the times of digital transformation.


Siddhali Doshi
Assistant Professor, Fashion Communication, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Maharashtra, India


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Visual Design


Fashion Communication, Emotions, Digital Media, Communication Strategies, Visual Communication, Fashion

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