A Framework for Optimized Building Information Modeling Adoption in the Construction Industry in Egypt: Application in the “Pre-construction Phase” According to Project Complexity


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a relatively recent technology within the construction industry that, when properly introduced, can result in more efficient design practices. Egypt started its first steps towards BIM which begin to be implemented in some mega projects. Resisting to be left behind, Egyptian firms must embrace and evolve with the BIM revolution to keep pace with international progression. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to examine the concept of using BIM as a management tool in the Egyptian construction sector. In addition, Project Complexity (PC) is being studied as a key factor influencing BIM adoption in the market. The PC index is assessed to indicate the BIM steps suitable for each complexity level. Encouraging the collaboration of stakeholders, an expertise survey takes place to investigate the potential of BIM adoption at diverse PC levels. Moreover, an organized framework for BIM implementation is formulated and tested.


Carole Elraheb
Assistant Lecturer, Architecture, Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering, Egypt

Hassan Abdel Salam
Professor and Head of Department of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

Asmaa Hasan


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design Management and Professional Practice


BIM, Design phase, Pre-design phase, Project Complexity, Management strategy

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A Framework For Optimized Building Information Modeling Adoption In The Construction Industry In Egypt (Embed)