Breathing New Life into Old Media: An Investigation of Augmented Reality as a New Element in Print Media


As an associate professor of graphic design, I use posters, book covers, and album art as teaching tools. These are the formats I love most but could well be considered “old media.” It’s my mission to breathe new life into these formats by utilizing augmented reality (AR). The ubiquity of smart phones and other devices ensures that our future will be augmented by those devices. While virtual reality has many amazing applications, it does (currently) require specific equipment that is sometimes inaccessible to all audiences. Conversely, smart phones and the apps that deliver these AR experiences are already in most people’s hands. Therefore, I have developed a series of new projects that utilize both new and old media. The students still learn illustration, composition, typography, and other principles of graphic design. And in that way, they solidify those most basic fundamentals of design, and can therefore translate those to anything else they design, whether it’s new or old media, because those principles always apply. However, in this series of projects, students create those traditional design objects, but are then required to design an animated version of the album cover, movie poster, or what have you, and then use software to create an AR experience wherein viewers can hold the tangible object in their hand, or view it on the wall, and then simultaneously view the animated version, or a video, or audio, or whatever additional media makes sense for the project.


Dennis Schmickle
Associate Professor, Art & Design, Lindenwood University, Missouri, United States


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Innovation Showcase


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Augmented Reality, New Media, Print Media, Design Education

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