Performative Equity and Inclusion in UX: Turn Your Performance into Equitable Practice


Inclusion, inclusive design, and equity have become hot topics over the last few years, and rather watered down, also. They have become more of just buzzwords to say, rather than authentically implementing it in our practices and processes, both internally to our customers, and externally to our design employees. This talk explores the harmful realities and truths of performative inclusion, and future actions to take that will turn your performance into practice. Takeaways: 1. Walk away with understanding what performative equity is and how it shows up 2. Understanding how to create an equitable practice for better user experience through research/design 3. Designing what an equitable experience looks like for UX research design employees


Zariah Cameron
Equity-Centered UX Strategist, Ally Financial, North Carolina, United States


Presentation Type

Workshop Presentation


Design Management and Professional Practice


Inclusive Design, Equity Design, Performative, Equitable Research, Users, Employees

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