Design Events as a Dialog: Co-creating Social Policy


Event-led development have been a major driver for gaining the visibility of dialog and co-creation in the recent agenda of cities. Particularly, design events can be regarded dialog space supporting the production of the art and design culture in the city that challenges the emerging concepts in socio-economic, political, and environmental conjuncture. The role of co-creation practice in design events stands at the intersection of society, culture and urban planning which requires thorough considerations from individuals to institutions and their integration and adaptation to social policy. Therefore, the paper initially focuses on the role of major design events in the world, and explore how they enable dialog in cities. It further explores how design events redefine the way we intervene with the social policies through co-creation to achieve more democratic urban living. The recent design events in Izmir, Türkiye are investigated as a case study. The findings raise questions to create awareness on the subject and discuss how design events might support social policy in urban environment, as influencing the macro scale issues, such as democratization, citizen engagement and the quality of life.


Onur Mengi
Associate Professor Vice Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Deptartment of Industrial Design, Izmir University of Economics, Turkey


Presentation Type

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design in Society


Social Policy; Dialog, Co-creation, Design Events, Event-led development

Digital Media


Design Events as a Dialog (pdf)