Validation of Competences in Curricular Internship of Fashion Designers: The Case of the Portuguese Clothing Industry with Its Own Brand


In the construction and reformulation of the Master in Fashion Design at the University of Beira Interior, the annual curricular unit of Internship/Project/Dissertation was created, to allow students to choose one of the three options in the 2nd year. Others choose to develop a project or dissertation. The different options allow you to define career paths and professions. A few students have opted for a 6-month curricular internship to validate the skills and knowledge acquired during their training in a real context. The Textile and Clothing industry in Portugal has a significant representation in terms of production in its history and in 2021 exported 5.3 billion euros. The aim of this investigation is to analyze the case study of the validation of different skills and knowledge applied in the industry with and without X brand, in a premium segment throughout the internship period. In a sector that is constantly changing and developing, it is increasingly important to have experience and the ability to adapt to different situations, acquiring multi-skills. The necessary and acquired skills are analyzed and compared to contribute to the improvement of training that has as one of the paths the professionalization in the textile and clothing industry with its own brand or in services. It is concluded that there is a set of skills that should be addressed in an academic environment in a more practical way and with real problems and concrete examples in partnership with the industry in the projects developed and proposed, among others.


Madalena Rocha Pereira
Vice-President of Textiles Department; UNIDCOM I&D Member and FibEnTech, Textiles Department, University of Beira Interior, Castelo Branco, Portugal


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design Management and Professional Practice


Skills, Fashion Design, Fashion Design, Internship

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