Sustainable Design Thinking in the Age of Digitalization


Digital technologies and innovations are transforming our World and contribute to sustainability in many ways. Digitalization is mainly defined as the use of digital technologies to speed up the evolution which respect to the environmental issues and connect people to encourage a global collaboration to address environmental concerns. Digitalization has been a crucial topic for sustainable development where executives have acknowledged the need for transforming their organizations via technological opportunities for digital solutions. In this case, digitalization may also help companies not only to optimize their existing processes, but also enable them to create sustainable solutions, systems, and products to meet future expectations. COVID-19 pandemic has increased the attention to sustainability and digitalization and showed the importance of these developments for sustainable solutions. In this context, the importance of design thinking cannot be denied. The rapid digitalization triggered by COVID-19 presents the opportunity to rethink on how to apply technology for design ideas that capture the value of data to drive more sustainable solutions. Digitalization helps to move beyond optimization for innovation to create sustainable design solutions, as well. In this respect, a seminar has been conducted to gather executives, engineers, governors, and design professionals to share and discuss their ideas for creating a new model for sustainable design solutions via digitalization for cities. This particular paper presents the results of the seminar which will lead to create powerful collaborations among these disciplines to create sustainable design solutions for all.


Deniz Deniz
Associate Professor, Industrial Design, Izmir University of Economics, Izmir, Turkey


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design Education


Sustainable Design Thinking, Digitalization, Design Education, Covid 19

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