Developing a Realistic Estimating Model for Georgia Highway Projects


Unit price data on 30 Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) highway projects for four years from 2018 to 2021 were collected. 139 unit prices of GDOT heavy highway projects were compared between unit prices of GDOT and unit prices of Southeast GDOT projects carried out near Savannah, GA. The test results indicated that the unit costs of GDOT and southern costs of GDOT were not the same showing that the southern costs are mostly higher than the unit costs of the GDOT. The proposed project is to develop a Real-Time Basis Cost Estimating and Scheduling (RBCCES) System for Construction Project Management (RBCCES). The scope of the research project includes on-site construction productivity measurements and development of a benchmark data. The tasks for this project are outlined as follows: purchase necessary software and hardware, literature review, define measurement data for each activity, conduct field experiments, analyze productivity, and develop a prototype data management system. Upon development of the RBCCES, industry experts will evaluate the GSU research team’ estimated cost and schedule. The use of the RBCCES holds promise for improving level of communications between all parties with reliable project management outputs. External funding proposals will be submitted to government agencies and private commercial or heavy highway contractors.


Seonghoon Kim
Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, Georgia Southern University, Georgia, United States


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design Management and Professional Practice


Unit, Highway, Productivity, Drone, Construction, PM

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