Designing Against Anxiety: How Brands and Platforms Can Positively Impact Digital Experiences for the Audiences of the Future


It’s well documented that Gen Z experiences significantly more anxiety as an audience than any generation before. Brands and digital communicators have a responsibility to safeguard users’ mental health and well being through better design, more thoughtful interactions, prompts and communications journeys. What are the new best practices here? What if we designed for optimizing positive experience instead of for engagement or sales funnels? How can these changes positively affect the employee experience as well as the bottom line? In this study, we consider industry standards, which have taken a toll on users and what modern UX can and should incorporate to positively connect and impact an over-anxious, hyper-digital generation.


Sarah Oranje
Connections Executive, Connections Team, futurefactor, Noord-Holland, Netherlands


Presentation Type

Innovation Showcase


Design in Society


Design, Anxiety, Gen Z

Digital Media

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