Virtual Reality Interface to Support the Employability of People with Autism Using Online Mentoring: Towards Another Way to Be Inclusive at Work


During confinement, a number of recruitment and training platforms closed in order to redeploy online. Many of them were not inclusive enough to accommodate people with disabilities. In this work we focus on the use of a remote interface for people with autism because despite their high school diploma, 85% of them remain unemployed. We share our system in an optimum way and to adequately highlight the results obtained during our experimentation while inviting others to come elaborate their own opinions and possibly discuss future perspectives.


Dominique Michaud
Student, Student Doctorate, Laval University, Canada

Alejandro Reyes
Student, PhD Candidate, Université Laval, Quebec, Canada

Jonathan Proulx Guimond
Student, Design, Université Laval , Quebec, Canada

Valery Psyche

Cathia Papi

Menard Alexandre

Rency Inson Michel

Julie Ruel

Sylvain Letscher

Isabelle Feillou

Claude Vincent

Jocelyne Kiss
Associate Professor, Design, Laval University, Quebec, Canada


Presentation Type

Innovation Showcase


2023 Special Focus—New Agendas for Design: Principles of Scale, Practices of Inclusion


Inclusion, Autistic Workers, Employment, Assistive technology, New Practices, Covid-19 Lockdown