Discussion about Construction Path of China's Mountainous City Based on GIS under the Concept of Sponge City: Taking Wu Gang City of Henan Province as an Example


Under the concept of new urbanization, China’s urban construction path is constantly adjusted and optimized, but the development and ecological protection has been unable to coordinate. The natural environment of mountain city is good, but the ecological environment carrying capacity is relatively weak and the resilience is not enough to resist the change of complex environment. This study uses the concept of sponge city as an opportunity, and based on analysing the characteristics of mountain city, elaborated the core construction content of sponge mountain city, pointing out the mountain city should assess timely the geological hazards, actively protect the natural green sponge bodies, gradually optimize the layout of sponge bodies, reasonably divide the urban drainage area and analyze the flood submerged area along the water areas. Then this study uses the GIS technical tools of spatial analysis and others, and takes Wugang City of Henan Province as the research object. Firstly analysis the geological disaster prone areas of Wugang city, especially in the West and southeast mountain areas, and then dividing the catchment area into three districts, making the Tieshan Avenue as boundary for the north and south two areas, the third area was the northern industrial agglomeration area. Based on the analyses of flood submerged area along the water areas and the spatial influence range from the sponge bodies, we optimize the layout of urban sponge bodies again, accordingly, we can analyze the city construction path of Wugang.


Xiang Li
Student, PhD student, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China

Junhui Hu
Lecturer, Urban Planning, Henan University of Science and Technology, Henan, China


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Poster Session


Architectonic, Spatial, and Environmental Design


GIS, Spatial Analysis, Mountainous City, Sponge City, Construction Path

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