Improv Design: An Innovative Approach to the Design Thinking Process


Improvisation has been a tool used by artists and creative people for many years. As visual designers, we are responsible for knowing our tools and mastering our craft, but what happens when you let the unknown become part of the design process? In search of creativity, originality, and finding value through meaning, we must step outside our comfort zone, release our need for control and enter another mental dimension within our brains. A place where only new ideas can exist because no one has ever been there before. This is Improv Design. Improv Design integrates a new step/phase into the familiar design process that activates your left brain and helps access an endless stream of fresh ideas, feelings, thoughts, and insights to draw from.


Saar Friedman
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director, OPEN, Israel


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Innovation Showcase


Visual Design


Design Thinking, Visual Design

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