City Impact Center Development Plan: North Campus


The City Impact Center (CIC) Development Plan was developed for an organization serving the needy in the shadow of some of the most luxurious resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Having served the community for close to a decade the center is taking stock of its accomplishments, considering its needs, and planning for the future. The Development Plan - a small portion being presented here - was a critical component in developing a strategic vision to focus their efforts and increase their effectiveness. The CIC currently houses over 15 services that assist the surrounding community including a charter school, after-school programs, adult education programs, counseling, community garden, food bank, free health/dental clinic, and affordable elderly housing. With this development plan, the CIC is positioning itself to serve as that critical “backbone.” This proposal establishes a state-of-the-art, “one stop” campus for those seeking assistance. The CIC Development Plan also utilizes a colocation model - a business model used by large scale data centers. As the campus manager CIC will curate and provide the infrastructure for these organizations to do their work, coordinate their services and meet the community’s needs. The study focuses on the North Campus and an educational/civic building designed to serve as an integrated community resource. The CIC Development Plan is not only a road map for the development of the CIC campus but can serve as a model for other communities interested in developing social service infrastructure.


Baird David
Professor, Architecture, University of Nevada Las Vegas, College of Fine Arts, Nevada, United States


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Poster Session


Design in Society


Community Design, Social Service Infrastructure, Collective Impact

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