Graduate Design Studio Evaluation and Quality Improvement : A Case Study of MID Studio at Georgia Institute of Technology


Industrial design studio plays a substantial role in forming student’s design ideation and skills. It is a place where students learn design fundamentals through project-based assignments in a collaborative environment. Design studio improvement not only can enhance students’ performance but also can flourish their talents. The paper presents an overview of design studio and how it evolved through the passage of time. It looks into Georgia Tech graduate MID studio as a case study and evaluates it through the students’ survey and focus group. Finally, a number of constructive guidelines based on the students’ evaluation and investigated literature reviews are proposed. It is believed that a more effective studio class would be conducted through using the guidelines.


Zahra Alizadeh Elizei
Student, Industrial Design, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia, United States


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Poster Session


Design Education


MID Studio, Survey, Focus group, Constructive Guidelines

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