Reporting to Work-from-Home: Post-pandemic Employer Expectations of Graphic Design Graduates


The global pandemic has pushed many employers in the creative field to re-imagine workplace responsibilities and formats for new graduates. This reinvention has fueled a significant increase in remote working opportunities for students majoring in Graphic Design. Working from home was once an option only available to seasoned, self-employed freelance graphic designers. Post-pandemic, the widely accepted WFH format has given students the flexibility to pursue an expanded offering of national jobs. As educators, how can we position students to best align with employer demand in this new job market? What competencies, technical, and soft skills do new designers need to be competitive in an unprecedented labor market? To respond, we must first understand employer expectations by looking at national post-pandemic occupational trends and job listings to discern commonalities and trends in advertised expectations. This data can inform our focused preparation of new graduates for a work format once reserved for experienced professionals.


Nancy Miller
Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Design, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Texas, United States


Presentation Type

Poster Session


Design Management and Professional Practice


Design Education, Graphic Design, Job Advertisements, Labor Market

Digital Media


Reporting to Work-from-Home (pdf)