Design in Healthcare Systems Concerning People with Reduced Access in Lower Middle Income Countries


When we talk about health, we think about well-being, quality of life, inclusion, and accessibility for a large part of the population, as recommended by the seventeen UN SDGs. So, this paper aims to promote a reflection about design in healthcare systems in lower middle income countries (LMICs) rethinking and reframing the role of design to improve quality of life and well-being for people with reduced access. Conducting a literature review some topics came to light and needed to be rethought. We watched these topics being debated on a table running with health specialists. We propose a reflection, based on an experience report, on some issues arised from there. Then, the intention is to reflect on the design of healthcare systems in LMICs, in particular on the role of design in improving the quality of life and well-being for people with reduced access. The analysis was based on experience and what was reflected by the researchers from this study. As a result, the health context in LMICs presents similarities in terms of social inequality and access and geographic distribution of health services. Differences between the LMICs and the world refer to public health policies. About challenges and opportunities, the starting point is to establish health systems that take into account the epidemiological profile of their populations, the economic, social, and demographic realities, practices that adhere to local culture, and available technology. The designers are required daily to generate solutions to unresolved problems or even to identify and frame complex problems.


Patricia Raquel Bohn
Student, Master, UFCSPA, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Claudia de Souza Libanio
Professor and coordinator, Management and Innovation in Healthcare, UFCSPA - Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre, Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Emanuele König
Student, Master’s student, Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design in Society


Design, Healthcare, Accessibility, LMICs

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