My Color: Finding Your Optimal Color Style through Machine Learning


In the flow of the 4th industrial revolution, Machine Learning (ML) has been rising as one of the critical technologies in the whole industry. However, designers tend to define ML as challenging to understand in the design field because they are not familiar with using ML in their actual work. In this study, I focus on exploring a method that can design a better user experience in shopping offers using ML. I present the app My Color, which can analyze people’s interior color style and offer recommended colors based on their style preferences. Through this project, I suggest what specifically ML applied design projects can be, and I discuss methodology about how designers can use it positively without being overwhelmed.


Sooji Kim
Student, Master, University of Washignton, Washington, United States


Presentation Type

Innovation Showcase


Designed Objects


UX Design, Speculative Design, Machine Learning, Clustering; Recommendation Algorithm

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