Posthumanism and Graphic Design: An Exploratory Study


Two purposes guide this research. The first is to describe the role of Posthumanism in graphic design practice. Secondly, it seeks to explore the connections between Posthuman graphic design practices and the notion of Ubuntu. It is evident that graphic design practices have changed radically over the past few years, yet they have not been properly theorized. Recently, the implications of the philosophy of Posthumanism have further broadened the scope of design practitioners to include outcomes that consider not only human participants. This phenomenological, interpretivist study bridges the gap by conducting research on the existing state of contemporary graphic design practice and aims to identify a current and future agenda for the profession. Through contributions from graphic design practitioners and clients, this study attempts to clarify the state of graphic design practice as part of its cartographic goals. On a theoretical level the study adds to the available literature on graphic design practice in specifically a South African context by presenting a systematic and methodical inquiry into a practice that has been slow to study itself and its applications to build knowledge. The practical value of the study lies in documenting ways of mapping Posthuman practices in the graphic design profession.


Katarzyna Chmela-Jones
Senior Lecturer, Visual Arts and Design, Vaal University of Technology, Gauteng, South Africa

Digital Media


Posthumanism and Graphic Design (pptx)