Toward a Porous Liquid Design Education


Porous liquids are a new class of porous materials. They combine the permanent porosity of solid sorbents with liquids fluid properties. Their basic unifying principle allows them to reinvent materials syntheses, eliminating separations. Are these characteristics used in our Design Education? Design is already an activity associated with other study fields. It is potentially transdisciplinary and transversal. It uses contributions from other areas in its objects and forms of communication. It applies other questions, brings new searches, and expands its reality all the time. But is the Portuguese Design Education System open to other knowledges? Is it a porous system? These are the questions this paper investigates. Five different Portuguese Product Design Courses were studied. The study program’s objectives and their intended learning outcomes were analyzed. Each curricular unity, syllabus, and teaching methodologies were compared. The conclusion is that our system would gain if we adopt a more porous, liquid, plural and hybrid one. One that could embrace different kinds of knowledge, practices and cultures.


Carla Paoliello De Lucena Carvalho
Student, Ph.D., FBAUL / CIEBA, Lisboa, Portugal


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design Education


Design Education, In-between Knowledges, Porosity and Fluid

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