Challenges of Post Modern Architecture based on Current Local Trends, City of Shiraz, Iran


Since development of modern architecture in different countries, gradually some critiques began in different aspects. Although these debates led to the emergence of the postmodern style, due to the continuing movement of modern architecture and the mustiness of many countries from current architectural discussions and theories, there is no proper perception and usage of postmodern style in design of buildings. Shiraz, as one of the most important and attractive cities of Iran, has various architectural potentials according to its valuable medical, cultural and historical places. However, these potentials should be guided in right ways to design standard, acceptable and memorable buildings. Low awareness of local market and people about true postmodern architecture, and also economic view of construction and design, have created unsuitable cityscape, building form and building façade. This research has assessed the issue through case studies, public and professional interviews. Based on findings, clients have very low information about architecture styles and their characteristics. On the other hand, designers prefer to consider views, needs, and trends of clients to have more projects and income.


Amir Sasan Hadian
Designer, Design, Asa Gostar Consulting Group, Iran


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design in Society


Style, Architecture, Iran, Shiraz, Interview, Modern, Postmodern, Designer, Client

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