Augmented Reality - an Interactive Medium in Architectural Design Studio


The main focus of the study is to identify the methods by which augmented reality (AR) will help communicate and convey ideas to architecture students and teachers for better educational outcomes in an architectural design studio. The objectives of the study include the identification of the use of AR technology and its uses in architecture school, identifying the scope and limitations in which AR can be used in the design, and finding methods that will help to use AR as an interactive medium in design class. User testing and surveying were used for primary data collection in the study, The survey was divided into two parts based on the parameters derived from the primary case study. The first part was to identify the knowledge of AR and the user’s interest in technology. After user testing, the second part of the survey is given to understand the user’s interest in the technology, the scope, and the limitations that concerned the students. The studies found that both students and teachers are interested in using AR and they think it can help them in taking their studies to a higher level. AR can be used in every design process and the scope and limitations depend on the process adopted by the user. The conclusion includes how the technology can be adopted or introduced in the studio and what are the impacts of AR in each stage of design.


Rejin Rajendran
Student, Architecture, College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Kerala, India


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Design Education



Digital Media

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