Redesigning Cross-cultural Visual Communication: A Prospective Visual Social Media Marketing Strategy


This study is based on designing a marketing proposal that benefits from a new potential emerging economy in a developing country by utilizing food and beverage products as cultural products; and to develop a cross-cultural marketing strategy that emphasizes visual communication and design through social media. Firstly, it examines the existing marketing strategies utilized by international companies that are quite successful in their cross-cultural social media marketing campaigns but also by taking a closer look into what might be overlooked in the cultural value aspect. Then, it incorporates interviews with professionals in the field and performing surveys on companies that entered foreign markets to get a comprehensive understanding on how the foreign consumers have been exposed to their cross-cultural marketing, the response given by them and how they rebranded through their Instagram posts with the local culture in order to successfully attract their target demographic. This research will help develop a deeper understanding of regional franchises and how to visually adapt their social media visual design content to trigger a positive brand image and increase customer focus in their brand. The goal is to design a cross-cultural marketing strategy that visually promotes the brand and infuses their visual design marketing with culture.


Fabiola Rodas
Student, Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


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Paper Presentation in a Themed Session


Visual Design


Social Media

Digital Media

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