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Jiahao Chen, Student, Master of Professional Studies, Pratt Institute, New Jersey, United States

Lighthouse Card Deck Workshop: For the Ethical Design of Sensory Augmentation Technology View Digital Media

Workshop Presentation
Lesley Ann Daly  

The Lighthouse card deck is designed to be run early in the R&D process of emerging technologies by designers, scientists, technologists etc., to reflect on the ethics of their technology. It utilizes the diverse knowledges in the team to question the design and generate thoughtful, relevant next steps. In this workshop the group will be given a sensory technology to discuss. Each card illuminates an area for ethical consideration – e.g., the hybrid body, knowledge base, interconnectedness – posing several questions to provoke discussion. Each team member is asked to individually write down their response to the questions in relation to three areas: CURRENT – things you are already doing to address the issues; HAZARD – keys risks or barriers that could affect the design; and OPPORTUNITY – ideas for how to move forward. The ideas are then discussed as a group, facilitated by the designer. When discussed as a multi-disciplinary team it enables the creation of a relevant, situated, and contextual ACTION plan for the specific technology being developed. The identified ACTIONS can then be integrated into the design strategy and workflow plan across the contributing disciplines, to be actioned throughout the development process. The aim of this workshop is to test the cards with participants from design (or other relevant) backgrounds – informing the final iteration of the deck. It also aims to show participants that ethics is not a hinderance to innovation, but a driver of critical thinking, new perspectives, and a means to unlock creativity.

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