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Davide Antonio Gambera, PhD Candidate, Assistant Professor, UNIDCOM/IADE, IADE, Universidade Europeia, Lisbon, Portugal

Design Events as a Dialog: Co-creating Social Policy View Digital Media

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session
Onur Mengi  

Event-led development have been a major driver for gaining the visibility of dialog and co-creation in the recent agenda of cities. Particularly, design events can be regarded dialog space supporting the production of the art and design culture in the city that challenges the emerging concepts in socio-economic, political, and environmental conjuncture. The role of co-creation practice in design events stands at the intersection of society, culture and urban planning which requires thorough considerations from individuals to institutions and their integration and adaptation to social policy. Therefore, the paper initially focuses on the role of major design events in the world, and explore how they enable dialog in cities. It further explores how design events redefine the way we intervene with the social policies through co-creation to achieve more democratic urban living. The recent design events in Izmir, Türkiye are investigated as a case study. The findings raise questions to create awareness on the subject and discuss how design events might support social policy in urban environment, as influencing the macro scale issues, such as democratization, citizen engagement and the quality of life.

Designing for Institutional Inclusion: Indigenous Engagement and Architectural Symbolism View Digital Media

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session
Richelle Sibolboro,  Denise Santini,  Antonio Santini  

Designing for diversity and inclusion is an architectural practice that centers on engagement and community. Learn from Canadian Wellness Architects how they incorporated Indigenous practices and symbolism to create an institutional space that welcomes, respects and focuses on the Indigenous community’s heritage and culture. Yellowhead Institute is an Indigenous-led research and education centre based at Toronto Metropolitan University. The Institute privileges Indigenous philosophy and amplifies Indigenous voices. Rooted in community networks, Yellowhead offers critical and accessible resources to support the reclamation of Indigenous land and life. Red Studio presents the process and outcomes of the project focusing on narrative, symbolism, material, and programming.

Bio-balloon: An Awareness Generating Tool to Help Mitigate Single-use-Plastic

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session
Raul Pinto,  Derya Irkdas Dogu  

A balloon is commonly described and perceived as a membrane-enclosed gas or liquid vessel. However, more than its physical dimension, it is a cultural manifestation and is one of the most universal and significant objects of celebration/rituals. It has been used as a tool to promote social and cultural solidarity, strengthen identities, foster cooperation and motivations, as well as catalyzing public education through play. All this is true, until they drift away, explode and break into pieces that eventually become part of this hyperobject known as plastic-pollution - afterall what goes up must come down - and when they do, these artifacts are most likely to end up scattered all around, harming these ecosystems in many ways. Being among the 10 most commonly single-use-plastic items found on USA and European beaches, they contribute strongly to the mortality of wildlife, seeing that “soft-plastics” make up 40% of these casualties. This paper presents the process of setting-up and implementing a workshop that incentivizes children of local low-income communities to create do-it-yourself bio-based balloons that contribute to generate awareness to this endeavor, and, at the same time, help express themselves as individuals and voice their frustrations. The effort is the continuation of work developed by a group of industrial design and bioengineering students as a response to the Biodesign Challenge 2022 for catalyzing systemic change through design. This workshop intends to be the physical materialization that translates all the material exploration and theoretical ideation done previously into a concrete tangible bio-balloon.

Doha Metro:Doha Social - An Imagined Urban Creative Platform Interfacing Other With Other in a Diverse Public

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session
Peter Martin  

Processes of globalization and urbanization have formed many exceptionally diverse population in cities around the world. This intermingled living of multiple identities defaults to emergent communities coalesced around elemental notions of identity and proximity. This creates demands on social and political processes that are rarely supported with reflexive insight and expression among groups. As a result, individuals are encouraged to be self-reliant in negotiating the existing societal power structures thereby creating less resilient social cohesion and reciprocity. Doha Metro:Doha Social is a concept design and speculative social innovation project exploring possible ways artists and designers in Qatar can create encounters throughout the Doha Metro rail system that inspire individuals of Doha’s diverse public to appreciate each other more. It is a project re-imagining the Doha Metro as a public space where experiences with creative works can extend the metro into becoming a social resource helping to cultivate a more interconnected and compassionate society. Doha Metro:Doha Social is a collaboration of university student designers and artists constructing ideas of how the metro users can engage with the rich diversity of human experience and meaning that the public of Doha possesses. This paper outlines the project’s strategy, structure, and outcomes as an account of how design can position itself as a practice of conditioning environments, experiences, and encounters capable of cultivating new cultural structures and social dynamics. This outline provides the basis of a critical assessment of the project’s intent of generating conditions of community within colonial, capitalist, inequitable social contexts.

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