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Cassini Nazir, Assistant Professor, College of Visual Arts and Design, University of North Texas, United States

AnimFonts: Designing an Interactive Web Application System for User-defined Custom Animated Typefaces

Innovation Showcase
M Javad Khajavi,  Bahman Sheikh  

This paper explains the design and development of an interactive ReactJS web application system (called AnimFonts) for user-defined and customizable animated typefaces. kinetic and animated typography have proven invaluable in contemporary visual communication and human-computer interaction settings. Designers and developers routinely use animated text in their products and creations - whether it is a website, an interactive application, a digital advertisement, or a video. Designing and animating high-quality dynamic typography, however, is a time-consuming process that requires specialized animation skills. Therefore, an interactive system that provides high-quality user-defined, and customizable animated typefaces would significantly improve the workflow of artists, designers, and developers who need to include dynamic text in their products. Previous research on this topic has led to the creation of plugins and platforms that help motion designers easily and quickly create animated typography videos inside programs such as Adobe After Effects (AE). Current systems allow designers to browse animated typefaces, download them as AE files, and apply them to their projects by using specific plugins. The developed system in this study goes beyond and automatically produces animated typography of the user’s input text right inside the web application. Moreover, on the proposed web application, users can choose and customize animated typefaces, change their properties; then download their final animated typeface as a JSON file with the Lottie format. Using the proposed web application, designers and developers can easily include their exported animated typography on a website, mobile application, or computer program without the overburden of using an animation software.

“The Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational” : Collaboration via Showcraft as a Foundational Practice in Graphic Design Education

Innovation Showcase
Sean Schumacher  

Foundations in graphic design education have traditionally borrowed heavily from or been wholly integrated with foundations for studio art practice. This session explores using network building, research, and collaboration through the lens of event production as an alternative foundation for design education that offers students greater agency from the start of their college careers by giving them a better sense of available paths from design professionals, and discusses lessons learned from integrating event production strategies in more literal and abstract forms into graphic design curricula at higher levels.

Virtual Reality Interface to Support the Employability of People with Autism Using Online Mentoring: Towards Another Way to Be Inclusive at Work View Digital Media

Innovation Showcase
Dominique Michaud,  Alejandro Reyes,  Jonathan Proulx Guimond,  Valery Psyche,  Cathia Papi,  Menard Alexandre,  Rency Inson Michel,  Julie Ruel,  Sylvain Letscher,  Isabelle Feillou,  Claude Vincent,  Jocelyne Kiss  

During confinement, a number of recruitment and training platforms closed in order to redeploy online. Many of them were not inclusive enough to accommodate people with disabilities. In this work we focus on the use of a remote interface for people with autism because despite their high school diploma, 85% of them remain unemployed. We share our system in an optimum way and to adequately highlight the results obtained during our experimentation while inviting others to come elaborate their own opinions and possibly discuss future perspectives.

Digital Media

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