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Supportive Tools to Teach Product Detailing to Design Students

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session
Avinash Shende,  Purba Joshi,  Mandar Rane  

Product Detailing is a fundamental course in the industrial design curriculum. The course requires students to visualise components and their correlations, as well as communicate these using orthographic projections and cross-sectional drawings. Separate sessions on creating sectional drawings were conducted as part of the course to enable students to create these drawings. Many students were found to be struggling to visualise the details in cross-sectional orthographic views. The paper presents a set of tools developed by authors to overcome this gap. The set of tools include a combination of specially designed detail-specific aids inspired by everyday objects. The tools were deployed in the course, and a considerable shift in the sectional thinking and visualization of students was observed. The paper further elaborates on new joinery details, inspired by transformer toys, developed by students as a part of the exercise.

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