Eighteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society

July 05 - 07, 2023

Jagiellonian University
Kraków, Poland


Welcome to the micro-site for the Eighteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society. 

Founded in 2000, the Arts in Society Research Network offers an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of the role of the arts in society. It is a place for critical engagement, examination, and experimentation, developing ideas that connect the arts to their contexts in the world – on stage, in studios and theaters, in classrooms, in museums and galleries, on the streets and in communities. We seek to build an epistemic community where we can make linkages across disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries.

The Eighteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society calls for research addressing the following annual themes and special focus: 

  • 2023 Special Focus—-New Aesthetic Expressions: The Social Role of Art
  • Theme 1: Pedagogies of the Arts
  • Theme 2: Arts Histories and Theories
  • Theme 3: New Media, Technology, and the Arts
  • Theme 4: The Arts in Social, Political, and Community Life 

We are interested in the following lines of investigation:

  • Teaching and learning through and about the arts
  • Interrogating arts histories, theories, paradigms, and frameworks for critical analysis
  • Making sense of emerging technologies, their practices, and agents
  • Addressing social, political, and community agendas in the arts 

The Arts in Society Research Network also supports a book imprint and a collection of journals.