Workplace Bullying Causes Employee Turnover

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We conducted research on “Workplace Bullying Causing Employee Turnover: A Responsible HRM Approach.” The reason behind choosing this topic is that workplace bullying has been a significant concern for an extensive time, and its impact on employees is unavoidable. We read several relevant research papers related to our topic and finally decided to conduct theoretical research. We used a necessary number of research papers or articles for information. Furthermore, we have set the following objectives for this article: the reason for workplace bullying, the impacts of bullying on employee turnover, the role of human resource management (HRM), and finally, the lack of HRM to minimize the problem. Literature reviews of selected papers have been added to our research article to enlighten the audience about the topic. In this research report, the reasons for workplace bullying and its impact on turnover intentions have been explained. For example, people with less self-confidence and behavior disorders tend to bully often. Work pressure is one of the important points here, which drives bullying behavior. There are many other reasons, which we have explained in this research article. People with high self-confidence can fight back against bullies, but people with less tend to be quiet. These are some key issues of this research article. Finally, the roles the HRM team can play to minimize bullying and turnover have been mentioned. Also, the practical and theoretical implications of the research results and some suggestions have been indicated in this research article.