Women Representation during the Peace Process in the Colombian Media

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This paper shows how women are represented in the Colombian peace process, based on the texts published by two national newspapers, with digital version, in the period of 2012–2015. It questions the role assigned to women in the Peace Talks taking place in Havana currently, especially, how the media have approached women’s visibility in the coverage of the negotiations. In order to examine the levels of pertinence implied in the texts sampled, we will appeal to the proposal of Fontanille (2007), within a semiotic discursive approach of the qualitative methodology. This will allow us to reflect upon signs, practices, strategies, and ways of living usually attributed to women in the newspapers’ texts. The reader will find an analysis on how women have been portrayed in the media, namely as a mediatized figure, in which roles such as those of a stranger, a victim, a terrorist, and a mediator have been presented altogether despite their contrasting semantic structure.