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Information content is the first factor to consider when creating a successful website. However, a limited number of studies focus on this factor of creating a university’s website, especially a website for a design course, as it is different from others. Moreover, most university websites do not include and involve students’ needs in the website design process. Therefore, this research aims to investigate what information on a postgraduate design course website leads prospective students to be interested. This research set up online group interviews for 37 design program students in Thailand in March 2021 with three structured questions about what ideal content they would like to have on a design course website. Before interviewing, all participants were asked to watch presentations and review the top five design university websites. After that, the researchers transcribed and used thematic coding analysis; these were analyzed, discussed, and rechecked by four researchers for reliability. The findings show participants prefer to see “curriculum information,” “students’ and lecturers’ showcases,” and the “strength and uniqueness of the curriculum.” Regarding multimedia/video presentations, most students prefer “presenting by storytelling,” “presenting by both students and lecturer,” and “presenting by students.” In terms of infographics and motion graphics, they need “details of the curriculum,” “branding and strength of the curriculum,” and “occupations or opportunities.” Finally, this research contributes to knowledge by presenting what information to include on a postgraduate design course website and how to present it. As a result, universities could improve their design course website to match the target group’s needs and increase marketing competition and recruitment.