Verbal Complements Analysis in Modern Standard Chinese

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Buyu (补语), also known as verbal complements in pedagogical grammar, are a complex category of structures in Modern Standard Chinese grammar. These elements create a group of structures of different nature that are placed after the verb and some of them cause the displacement of the direct object when they are both present. This aspect of Modern Standard Chinese is especially complex, both for students to learn and instructors to teach. The main focus of this research is to understand better and improve the significance of buyu (补语) for Chinese as a foreign language teaching in Spain. For these reasons in this paper, we observe whether this aspect of Modern Standard Chinese is present in the different teaching curricula for Chinese as a foreign language and in HSK test papers and if so, how it is treated. On the other hand we observe the categorization offered in different curricula with the aim to understand a teaching area that is might be considered under-researched, but yet essential for the evolution of Chinese as a second language teaching field.