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In order to reduce unnecessary waste, it is important to up-cycle product packaging to expand its use value. This study is part of a larger study on how artists can add painting language features to an industrial packaging design to form a unique product packaging. This article attempts to record and update existing painting language functions with additional up-cycle value that could enable promotion of otherwise—a product’s packaging waste—into a fresh up-cycled product. This article presents a systematic literature review synthesis process on selected literature on painting language, unique packaging, and up-cycling to describe how artists can consider using painting language features in creating unique product packaging design and other product packaging for up-cycling purposes. Results of this study found potential applications of painting language characteristics for creating a fresh and unique packaging design from the original product packaging. The unique product packaging thus supports recycling and circular economy. This study contributes in proposing a model for up-cycling green product packaging that supports active participation by artists through creation of a unique painting language specific for product packaging purpose. This study is significant to minimize unnecessary waste transportation to landfills. Future studies are recommended to determine the successful extent of painting emotion in encouraging consumers to recycle and reuse product packaging.