Understanding Dynamics of Media and Organizational Culture Change

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Many studies have addressed the impact of media power on society and culture due to its undeniable role in changing attitudes and behaviors. However, the role of media as used by an organization to change organizational culture has received less attention. Therefore, the present study focuses on the media as used by an organization to identify the dynamics of organizational culture change. Since many organizations seek to change their organizational culture, various mechanisms and methods have been developed, such as changing control processes and systems, holding workshops, etc. A review of the literature on the use of these mechanisms to change culture reveals several accepted points. First, the requirements of each organization, including technology, demographic characteristics, strategies, etc., determine its appropriate mechanisms. Since changing organizational culture requires the participation of all members of the organization, cultural change will not occur without proper communication channels. Therefore, the effective use of powerful media tools in the organization is one of the most critical considerations in using mechanisms to change organizational culture, especially with the important role of technology and media, whose impact on community culture has been examined in communication and media studies. Reviewing the literature in the two areas of “organizational culture” and “communication and media,” the present study seeks to describe the complex relationships between the powers of different media in changing various levels of organizational culture. An attempt is made to understand these dynamic relationships with a layered approach to culture (cultural web model) and based on theories of media richness and social construction of reality.