Ukrainian Education under Attack

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The study explores the conflict between Russia and Ukraine where the overall aim is to comprehend the impact of the armed conflict on the education sector and education from a securitization perspective. The development of the crisis from a securitization perspective in eastern Ukraine is shown to directly influence the educational conditions for children. In several areas near the conflict zone, military installations close to schools are a cause for security concern. The military installations are possible targets meaning that children are exposed to danger during school hours. The study also focused on how children and young people play a significant role in conflicts. In their vulnerable position, they become subjected to various types of socialization processes aimed at preserving the defense interests of the Ukrainian State, while regional and global actors are trying to reduce conflicts in the region through efforts advocating democracy and peace education. The study also highlights nationalistic tendencies on both sides of the conflict and the role that patriotic training as well as patriotic education take in fostering an active citizen through identity construction.