The Sustainability Practitioner’s Guide to Social Analysis and Assessment


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A welcome addition to the “Sustainability Practitioners Guide” series, this book gathers together progress that has been made in analysing, assessing and reporting social issues. Approachable for experts and non-experts alike and written in a characteristic ‘easy to understand style’, this edited volume presents complex concepts with clarity. The comprehensive selection of topics, which includes such indicators as labour conditions, inequality, food security and even sleep, is bound to present something of relevance and interest to a wide variety of readers. Angela Druckman, Centre of Environmental Strategy University of Surrey [This book] provides a comprehensive overview of current understanding of social impacts and identifies the main approaches to measurement, methods and tools. Further, the book includes illustrative applications and case studies which are extremely helpful to any practitioner in the field and provide easy to follow examples of use of social accounting (alongside environmental and economic accounting). … In our eagerness to act justly we need reliable assessment methods and data to produce evidence for informed policy-making. This book opens the door on the path towards this goal. Mia Mikic Chief, Trade Policy and Analysis Section Trade and Investment Division, ESCAP