The Nigeria Law of Cybercrime and Procedures

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  • Title: The Nigeria Law of Cybercrime and Procedures
  • Author(s): Chibuko Ibekwe, Abiola Babalola
  • Publisher: Common Ground Research Networks
  • Collection: Common Ground Research Networks
  • Series: Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
  • Keywords: cybercrime, cyberlaw, internet law, computer law, hacking, cyber-fraud, cyberstalking, cybersquatting, cyberterrorism, data interception, system interception, misuse of devises, cybersquatting, virus, cyberpornography, copyrights, trademark
  • Date: August 25, 2018
  • ISBN (hbk): 978-1-61229-967-9
  • ISBN (pbk): 978-1-61229-968-6
  • ISBN (pdf): 978-1-61229-969-3
  • DOI:
  • Citation: Ibekwe, Chibuko, and Abiola Babalola. 2018. The Nigeria Law of Cybercrime and Procedures. Champaign, IL: Common Ground Research Networks. doi:10.18848/978-1-61229-969-3/CGP.
  • Extent: 182 pages

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This book tackles the fast-growing topic of cybercrime and covers a wide range of topics from hacking, cyber-fraud, cyberstalking, cybersquatting and intellectual property offences to more involved topics like cyberterrorism, offences against the critical national infrastructure, illegal data and system interception, misuse of devises; and procedural issues of jurisdiction, the rules of evidence relating to cybercrime offences, extradition, arrest, searches and seizures. This book endeavours to provide both substantive law, practice and procedure and on internet/computer law and cybercrime cases with detailed case studies, examples and statutory extracts. The book provides a practical, easy-to-follow guide for practitioners in the field, as well as those in law enforcement and academia.