The Nexus between Maize Yield and Climatic Variables in Nigeria

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Nigeria’s agrarian community depends greatly on climatic elements that influence agricultural productivity. Investigating the relationship between climate change and maize yield in Ondo State, Nigeria, may produce empirical results that will improve and consolidate the understanding of climate change and its impacts on maize yield in the short and long run and adjustments in cropping patterns toward increased production. Time-series data between 1979 and 2020 were collected on relevant variables and analyzed using a bound testing (autoregressive distributed lag) approach. The results confirmed the long-run equilibrium between maize yield and temperature, rainfall, and relative humidity. The results revealed that climatic variables are vital to maize productivity in Ondo State and Nigeria. Therefore, the findings are relevant for designing coping interventions (long-term and short-term) on climate change’s impact on maize yield in Ondo State, Nigeria.